Who We Are

We are here to help children and support parents through early identification and intervention.

The Sherwood Children’s Centre is a multi-disciplinary assessment Centre for children from the ages of 3 to 18 years. Our assessment and therapeutic team comprises psychologists, speech & language therapists, occupational therapists and remedial teachers. Birdwood Remedial School, situated on our premises, provides a supportive, individualised educational setting for children with learning barriers and developmental delays ranging from Grades 000 to 7.

Our ethos is to prize the uniqueness and complexity of each child while promoting optimal development and acquisition of skills and abilities towards achieving independence and a purposeful wholesome life.

The Children’s Assessment & Therapy Centre Trust was established in January 1973; founded by Sylvia Shearer (Counselling Psychologist), Kay Erskine (Physiotherapist) and Elsie Lucas (Occupational Therapist). From humble beginnings with a very small client load, the Centre grew and developed, increasing the range of services into what it is today and continue to expand and grow each year

Mission Statement

We endeavour to promote normative holistic development in children and your persons, and wholesome supportive family life, through:

Early identification and intervention in respect of language, physical and perceptual developmental delays (which place young children at risk for later learning difficulties)

Early identification and intervention regarding barriers to learning & learning disabilities to develop strengths and skills to enable learners to achieve their full scholastic potential.

Early identification and intervention concerning emotional, behavioural and family relationship disturbances, towards building self-esteem, social and life skills in children and young people; and parenting skills.