Assessment Process

From the Initial Interview to Medical Aid Claims

A typical assessment for a child would be as follows:

1 – Intake interview with parents

45 minutes. The case psychologist will meet with the parents (or the child’s caregiver) for a brief discussion, and to obtain background information on the child concerned.

2 – Assessment

This could be either a Developmental assessment, School readiness assessment, an IQ assessment or a psychodynamic (behaviour) assessment depending on the presenting problem.

– IQ / Cognitive assessment

– Developmental assessment

– School readiness assessment

– Psychodynamic assessment

Depending on the nature of the concern, one, two or occasionally more assessments may be considered necessary for example:

– Occupational Therapy assessment

– Speech and Lanuage assessment

– Scholastic Skills / Remedial assessment

Each of the above assessments lasts between 1 and 2 hours. In the case of the preschool children, we will break up the assessments into two sessions on two different days. Most testing is carried out in the morning to ensure that the child is at his/her best

In certain instances, counselling of parents rather than an assessment of the child may be indicated, eg, the parenting a child with complex needs, management of difficult behaviour, discipline issues.

3 – Report back interview with parents/caregiver

After the last assessment a time will be booked for a report back interview with the original interviewer to discuss the findings and recommendation with the child’s parents (or the child’s caregiver).

The Report back Interview usually takes 45 minutes. Appointments are charged for according to the duration of the interview as per your case psychologist.

While due regard is given to confidentiality, the professional team and restricted administration staff need to have access to the child’s information.

4 – Written Reports

Reports will be typed once full payment has been made and only after the report back interview has taken place. Please allow 10 working days after date of report back interview/ date of full settlement (whichever occurs last) for a written report to be finalised.

Medical Aid Claims

Please note if clients are paying cash the total payment for the intake interview, first assessment, report back and written report must be paid in full on the day of their first appointment.

Medical Aid Members: Please check your benefits before proceeding, as payment remains your responsibility. We have listed the Medical Aid claim codes on our fees page.